Finding the Time

30 06 2010

I would say that so far 2010 has been the most stressful and emotional year of my life to date. Running my own business had always been a dream of mine but the things that have happened this year have put strain on me and my family.

There is a lot I must work through and actually see if I can solve the issues I have been faced with – I am sure I can but it is trying to find the motivation and the work ethic. Part of this I think is a loss of passion.

Anyway I am rambling on, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to explore new music and even listen to the music I already have in my possession. My head doesn’t seem to focus to easily and I find it hard to concentrate and stay on task.

Time is a massive issue right now and music just doesn’t seem to fit in, I hope I can re-ignite some passion so that it can get me through the tough times.

What would anyone recommend?




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