Note to self

15 08 2010

Pisa is a fantastic city with many restaurants, cafes and bars. However it is not large enough or varied enough for 6 days of a holiday, as we found out.

My note to self is to use Pisa as a base to explore Tuscany. Still spend time visiting the sites and aforementioned eateries but have flexibility to get out and explore.

We did this on the final day (stupidly) with a visit to nearby city Livorno. Livorno is a port on the Mediterannean and is much larger than Pisa but doesn’t have the same old-world charm.

We went by train and it takes about 20 minutes from Pisa Centrale to Livorno Centrale. The biggest shock was the price of the tickets, amazingly cheap, it cost us only about £6.25 for the both of us return.

OK, so perhaps we should have explored a bit earlier in the week as we happened to pick a national holiday and not a lot was open, however we did find some great restaurants down by the sea which are worth a visit. Some of the older parts of the city and the walk along the canal are also stunning.

Most of our holiday was spent walking and exploring, with visits to museums and historical sights thrown in. We plan on returning next year with the whole family and exploring further cities like Florence, Siena and Lucca.




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