Some time away

25 01 2011

I had planned on using this blog more regularly when I started it last year, but family and work take precedence.

I have still been listening to a heck of a lot of music, probably more than ever, have it on in the office now whilst working (the joys of owning your own company I suppose – plus I work from home!) and it seems to aid concentration.

Christmas was massive in terms of purchases and although I am not getting the latest releases like I used to it is these times that allow me to catch up on what I have missed.

There are two bands that have been on permanent loop since December, Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC) and Two Door Cinema Club (incidentally they are giving away a free track and video for signing up to their mailing list).

Both bands are very similar sounding also with hints of Foals and Vampire Weekend. There is definitely some sort of ‘world music’ influence going on with these bands and I mean that in a real loose way, in another way it is powerful pop/rock.

The BBC debut was awesome, I bought it late, but went out straight away and bought the follow-up, disappointing is not the right word as it is also a very good album in it’s own right but it does not have the same raw energy and power as the first record. Gone are the power pop songs to be replaced with gentler acoustic arrangements.

Two Door have only released the one record so far and every single track is amazing, more ‘dance floor’ than BBC but still with a similar sound. Much more of a pop sound than I usually get into but the vibe is great, certainly a record that cannot be put down and seriously needs to be listened to. I sincerely look forward to a follow-up in the future.

Download These: Undercover Martyn (Two Door Cinema Club), Come Back Home (Two Door Cinema Club), Dust on the Ground (Bombay Bicycle Club), What If (Bombay Bicycle Club).

Buy This: Tourist History (Two Door Cinema Club)

Try This: Antidotes (Foals)




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