Away Days – Day Two

10 08 2011


Going have to write twice today as I didn’t get around to posting yesterday.

Day 2 of our short break started with an hour drive to the fantastic Peak District town of Castleton. I had previously visited the town as a child as part of a geography field trip, needless to say I remembered very little!

The main focus of our trip was to visit Peverel Castle, set high up on the hill overlooking the town. Not much of the original castle remains but it does offer spectacular views of the valley below and is a great site for a picnic on a nice summers day.

The walk up to the castle is not for those out of shape or with a heart condition however as it is a bit of a climb up a zigzag path.

The town itself is full of quaint tea rooms and gift shops. Those gift shops are packed full of jewellery and decorative piece featuring the local Blue John Stone.

This rare and expensive stone is a form of fluor-spar that is native to the hills around Castleton. It is still mined today and taken into the town for polishing and working into jewellery.

The name is thought to have derived from the French bleu et jaune (meaning blue and yellow), the stone used to be worked in France and so the locals mis-translated the meaning.

We took a guided tour into Blue John Caverns which is where the stone is still mined in winter. The tour lasts about 30-40 minutes and is conducted by a knowledgable guide, the one we had is still a miner. 

It is reasonably priced and worth a visit for the look at the caverns underground.

All-in-all an enjoyable day out with the family.




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