Away Days – Day Three

10 08 2011


It has turned out that the Travel Lodge hotel that I booked online is situated perfectly what what we wanted to do whilst we were away.

Today trip was about 30 minutes out to Bolsover Castle. Castles are featuring rather a lot on this trip but when you have English Heritage membership you may as well use it right? Especially when you have a son that wants to be a knight!

Of the sites we have visited over the last few days this is my favourite. A lovely building built in the 1500’s, a large section of the castle is in ruins but make amazing atmospheric photos (will link up my Flickr feed when I get home).

Following on from Bolsover we spent some time in Chesterfield, we needed to buy some shirts for my sisters wedding on Friday for me and Oliver.

Its a larger town than I thought with many modern cafes and shops and don’t forget the wonky spire!

We wrapped the day off with a trip to Derby for a decent restaurant, but again this was only about a 30 minute drive.

More tomorrow from the final ‘away day’ before the wedding.




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