National Brewery Centre

17 08 2011



I like real ale, there is nothing more to that statement, so it was particularly interesting for me to visit the National Brewery Centre in Burton-upon-Trent.

This ‘museum’ is a record of our brewing heritage and is situated the most fitting place. Burton having at one point 19 breweries in the town.

The numbers have dwindled since the 1800’s peak but the centre is on the land of Molson Coors and Marstons brewery is not far away.

It costs 7.50 for adult entry which includes a guided tour and more importantly 4 beer sampling tokens!

Although it is adult orientated we took our 7 year old son and he week to thrive on the history. The guide was excellent with expert knowledge and every time a button needed pressing he would include our son.

There is plenty to see and if history and beer are your thing then it is recommended. I believe in supporting our heritage and it would be a shame for a centre like this to fade away.

Worthington White Shield is still brewed at the micro-brewery on site and the centre is the only place you can sample on tap.




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