4 10 2012

Something a bit Kate Bushy about The Killing in my opinion!

Hear! Hear!

Amanda Palmer

I’m not a member of the Church of Amanda Fucking Palmer, and I only have a passing acquaintance with the Dresden Dolls. Her recent splash on Kickstarter aside, I’ll admit to having not heard much of her actual music, but the word-of-mouth on the internet won me over and I discovered this astonishingly addicting nugget from her latest album. Palmer may not be the killing type, though she does a smashingly good job of contradicting that via the arresting images in the video, but she kills via her music. This is one of the strongest songs to come out this year on the strength of the hook alone, but Palmer kicks it up to twelve with her all-in performance. If you haven’t heard it, stop reading and listen now — and if you have already heard it, another ten times won’t hurt. Then buy a copy of Theater…

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One response

4 10 2012

Glad you found it interesting 🙂 I can hear the Kate Bush comparison …. she’s definitely very theatrical.

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