10 10 2012

It has been a very tough year for me work wise and I am seriously struggling with motivation at the moment. I work for myself which makes things ever worse as you never know when next you are going to be able to draw a salary.

During this time two things have remained constant, and those are music and books.

At the moment all I seem to want to do is curl up on a sofa and read the next volume that I have accumulated on the shelf, my current number of unread books stands at well over 75 but I am starting to make headway, apart from the fact that when I get chance I buy more!

I do resist the urge during the day and plow on with the work that needs to be done as much as I possibly can. I also like to keep this blog separate from my work life as I see it as something more personal that stands alone from all the perceived self-marketing and arse-licking of the business world.

At least with the music I can listen whilst I work!

It is funny how precious time becomes, from the moment I wake up to the hour that I go to bed I never seem to be able to fit everything in, this in itself creates a cycle of almost permanent tiredness, not necessarily on a physical level but definitely mentally. I think this accounts for some of the motivational issues I am experiencing as well as nothing ever seems to be completed and from this it is almost impossible for me to draw positives.

My comfort is coming from the escape of reading at the moment and currently this escape comes from the pen of Mark Billingham and the first Tom Thorne novel – Sleepyhead – which I am enjoying immensely. Coupled with time with my family and me going back to playing football after an eight year absence I do have some things I can look forward to on a daily or weekly basis.

Lets just hope I never have to write one of these rant posts again, (even though I have been quite reserved with my words) and that work picks up or I find a new career!

If anyone has any ideas for top motivational techniques please pass them my way!




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