Book Review: Sleepyhead

26 11 2012

I may have had my head in the clouds or something but Mark Billingham was little known to me prior to seeing the Sky One adverts for Thorne: Sleepyhead. I am now glad that I made the decision not to watch the TV show but go out and buy the books first.

Sleepyhead is the first of the DI Tom Thorne detective novels and offers a real page-turner of a read, fast paced, well written and a plot that leaves you guessing right until the end.

There are certain points within the book that really make your heart thump wanting to know what is going to happen or feeling what is happening leaping off the pages. I literally did feel as if I was living the plot at times rather than just reading it, you get a real sense of knowing and understanding some of the characters and truly having a sense of sorrow for them.

As I alluded to above it is very fast paced which keeps you yearning for more, its such an easy book to consume in a few decent sized sittings. The plot twists are what you would now expect with any major crime literature.

One of the main things I really enjoyed was the sections written in the point of view of one of the victims that wasn’t killed, we find out she is suffering from ‘locked-in’ syndrome hut that is all I will tell you. This character view offers a very refreshing stance on the crime novel and th character herself is both funny and brutally aware.

If you have not yet done so then I seriously recommend this as a good read, 4/5 from me.




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