Eastern Sidekick makes you forget insipid K-Pop with Foo Fighters-worthy single “Fight For Rainbow”

21 01 2013

Hear! Hear!

Trust me, music fans, it pays major dividends to have friends stationed around the world. A former college roommate sent me a link to Korean rock band Eastern Sidekick’s (이스턴 사이드킥) music on Facebook, with the following quick message:

You’re always on the lookout for music people haven’t heard. Saw these guys in a poorly attended Hongdae dive bar and was pretty blown away.

A little digging led to this exceptional clip for “Flight for Rainbow” (무지개를 위한 싸움) which immediately blew me away with its ear-catching riffs and a vocalist with the kind of voice which blends memories of all manner of 90s alternative classics into a pop-worthy track which far more deserves the viral treatment than anything Psy has produced. Forget K-Pop … these Koreans flat-out rock! Like a crazy cross between the rocking attack of early Foo Fighters coupled with what the Verve Pipe’s vocalist would have…

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