The Flaming Lips, 30 Years to the Good

21 01 2013

soft_bulletin_coverIt is somewhat unbelievable the fact that 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of The Flaming Lips, they have been around since 1983 when I was just 4 years old! The indie music blog Stereogum asks “Which is more amazing: that 2013 marks 30 years of the Flaming Lips as a functioning concern, or that it heralds the 23rd year of their partnership with Warner Bros. Records?” when it goes back through the Lips back catalogue and ranks the albums from best to worst.

I have to say that my opinion on the Flaming Lips best album is not the same, I love The Soft Bulletin and actually really have a lot of time for Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Which is your favourite Flaming Lips album?




One response

28 01 2013

I got one Flaming Lips album and in my book – this is their classic album “The Soft Bulletin” great stuff!

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