What Happens at the End of the Road?

5 03 2013

Well what happens is we go and see Sigur Ros that’s what!

Couldn’t believe it when I saw them as the headline act at this years End of the Road festival. Not only is it great to see Sigur Ros on the bill it’s even more greaterer (don’t think that’s a word but it should be!) that they are playing within my own county of Dorset, the venue is less than an hour from my house, at hopefully the sunniest time of year. Simply cannot beat that.

Of course there is more than Sigur Ros, but it them we all really want to see right? Looks like an awesome array of musical artists, comedians and other fun stuff.

Since we have had our son my wife and I have frequented less concerts/gigs/festivals than we used to, comes with the territory. However, he is now of an age where he may well enjoy the festival atmosphere at the right venue. This one looks perfectly built for kids as well as big kids so we are considering a family camping break – that’s what we will tell him – to the End of the Road festival.

Anyone been before or going this year?




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