Project: An Album a Day

12 03 2013

I have long since wondering what kind of project/challenge I could set myself so over the last few weeks I have been having thoughts about an ‘Album a Day’ project.

mycollectionI have a good selection of albums in my collection and more than enough to run this challenge everyday for the next 3 years without stopping but I think setting it as a 365 day challenge is good enough to start with.

For me it is going to be about rediscovering music I already own and once loved, or in many cases still do love or a way of reigniting the passion I once had for music which of late I feel has dwindled. Also I have this kind of belief that the album is dying? I have no evidence to substantiate this but with the advent of online streaming, playlists and downloads I just kind of feel people are buying single tracks more readily than complete albums. For me this is anti what the artists are creating and a whole sub-industry is disappearing, that of the album sleeve. Album sleeves and liner notes cannot be so readily enjoyed in digital form and are for me a hugely important part of the whole music experience. (I expect you to give me real evidence in the affirmative or contrary to my point in the comments!)

There will be a number of key guidelines for this challenge – some might call them rules but I like a hint of flexibility! These are all listed below.

Project Guidelines:

  • One album per day will be listened to and scrutinised from my collection (this can include new purchases but must be CD format)
  • This album will get a blog post dedicated to it on the following day with my review and a mark out of 10. There will also be a mark out of 10 for the liner notes.
  • I must select a different artist each day
  • I cannot revisit an artist within 30 days
  • I can only review an album once during the project, meaning that I have 365 different reviews at the end of the project.
  • The review will be posted the day after the ‘listening’ with the next selection also noted.
  • Each post will contain an image of my copy of the album I am reviewing.

So that’s some guidelines, it’s going to be tough, especially when I go away for work or on holiday. With this in mind I may have to double up my listening on some days so that I can fulfil 365 posts in 365 days – a bit of an undertaking right?

First Selection: Sonic Youth – Murray Street, the review of this will appear on the blog on Thursday 15th March.

Any thoughts then please do let me know in the comments.




2 responses

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