2013 Reading Challenge – Hitting Double Figures!

16 03 2013

I had to update my Goodreads.com reading challenge entry today as I have already hit double figures for the year! I suppose I didn’t have to update it but I thought adding another 6 books to the target was achievable so am now on a target of 30 books for 2013. Should easily reach it!

I am still reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano, it’s not that I am not enjoying it, far from it, I just think it is because it is a large book and actually a physical book that I am lacking motivation to read it. When compared to my Kindle Fire that is! e-Readers are the way forward folks, storage is less, can take it anywhere and a whole library of books at your finger tips. I also like the way it tells you what percentage of the book you are currently at, think this encourages you to get finished quicker than perhaps you would with a paper book.

What I have read since my last update:

What have you guys been reading lately?





2 responses

16 03 2013

I update my Goodreads challenge number, too. I start with a number that I know I’ll make, and slowly tweak it upwards over the course of the year. Because I don’t want to subtract books if I get overzealous…

17 03 2013

In 2012 I failed to hit the target I set so opted for the same target again this year as a bit of a motivator, it soon became crystal clear that I was going to easily reach that target so therefore it had to be increased, a bit of a dangling carrot in a way!

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