Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater Live [VIDEO]

23 03 2014

Came across this video on YouTube this morning of Jonathan Meiburg of the band Shearwater performing a live radio performance on KEXP in Seattle. It’s a precursor to the bands album of cover songs called Fellow Travelers and the performance is just breathtaking, totally chilled Sunday morning listening.

I love this intimate style performance and actually wish bands and artists would release some of this material in EP or even full length format I would simply just grab it with both hands. I think the appeal comes from the rawness of the sound, you get to really hear the musicianship and the quality of a vocal, a lot of music today is far too overproduced in my opinion.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


On Rotation

14 02 2013

I now have what I consider to be a vast CD collection, over 1250 titles now. A collection that is actually situated in my office, which can be a distraction. From time-to-time I grab a pile of CD’s and put them on my desk to play on rotation, most days I can only get through one album due to how busy work is but there are times when I can put stuff on back-to-back when it is that little bit quieter. Lets have a look at what I am continually playing at the moment.

I have always loved Godspeed but this album has taken me a bit of time to get into, still the same Godspeed sound just less fluid in my opinion – they are still on my list to see live however!

My favourite album out the bunch above has to be XX – I know I keep going on about this band┬ábut their music is so fragile something within it has really resonated with me, the standout track on the album in my eyes is Infinity and I have posted a video of The XX performing it live at Glastonbury in 2010 just below:

What are you currently listening to on repeat? We all have something! please post your thoughts in the comments.

The XX: Tiny Desk Concert

13 02 2013

One of my earlier posts in January 2013 alluded to this band after I picked up their first album at Christmas. They have recently completed a short set as a Tiny Desk Concert over at NPR and furthered my belief that this is one awesome band creating a unique fragile and personal sound. Watch the two track set below:

Merry Christmas – a little belated

26 12 2012

Merry Christmas – I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, I know I did, very relaxing with my family. Of course I got a load of music to listen to but as yet have only managed to get through one album – comes from the demands of an 8 year old son!

I received a link to a video on YouTube via the comments of this blog and I thought it was so good I would embed it for your pleasure below. The band is Under Byen, a group I wrote about earlier in 2012.

The track is a very haunting and somewhat disturbingly beautiful interpretation of the Leonard Cohen song I’m Your Man. It is performed live and sung in Danish and the Danish title translates as Jeg Er Din Mand. You can watch and listen to it below, thanks to Morten for the link.

Watch “Two Gallants Threnody Live” [VIDEO]

3 11 2012

One of my favourite tracks of all-time Threnody by Two Gallants is shown below in this live performance:

Glen Hansard: Tiny Desk Concert

11 09 2012

I think I have alluded to the fact that I love the raw energy of live performances before, the Tiny Desk Concert recordings though are on a whole other more intimate and passionate level where you feel you are really there. This performance by Glen Hansard of Once fame is one such performance that ranks alongside his performance with Marketa Irglova as one of my favourites.

He has in my opinion got an amazing energy and raw intensity to his voice that doesn’t seem to come across as clearly in recorded works which is why I find myself listening to this recording more often. You get the feeling he really believes the words he is singing.

He now has a new solo album out and these tracks are from the album called ‘Rhythm and Repose’.

Lisa Hannigan Performing at NPR

15 11 2011

Great video I found this evening of Lisa Hannigan performing a ‘Tiny Desk Concert‘ at the NPR offices.

Set List:


‘Little Bird’


Watch it below:

Also available as an MP3 download from NPR.

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