Holiday Tunes

14 08 2010

Currently in Italy on a well earned break. So glad I had my new HTC phone with me.

It has meant being able to listen to some of my collection on the move. I had never really got into the whole iPod thing but can clearly see the benefit whilst travelling.

Tracks of the holiday have been:

Paramore – Decode (acoustic)
Editors – Munich
Damien Rice – Amie (live)

My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time pre-holiday adding albums to the phone.

On a side note, if you have an Android phone then make sure you download Double Twist media player. It’s free and much better than the default player.

Ciao from Italy for now


Live from the Union Chapel – Damien Rice

14 12 2009

I was very proud with my initial purchase of Damien Rice. The week his first album came out back in 2002 I happened to be in HMV of a weekend and looking for something new to listen to. I picked up this cloth bound album (the aesthetics of an album appeal to me a lot) and had a look at the back, my quick browse revealed Chello listed as one of the instruments and I thought awesome I’ll buy it. I bought it without having listened to a single note, nor hearing of Damien Rice prior to the event.

I am glad I did. ‘O’  is a superb debut album of relaxing, folky acoustic songs and it went on to receive massive acclaim, oh and a few million sales! Shame there have only been two studio albums to date. ‘O’ was followed up by ‘9’ in 2006.

What he lacks in quantity he certainly makes up for in quality and right now I am listening to one of the live albums released in 2007. Live at the Union Chapel. This album is a revelation sung with pure power and the standout track for me is by far ‘Then Go’ (sung with Lisa Hannigan) but all of them as live renditions of album tracks are superb, not forgetting the beautiful version of ‘Silent Night’ which is perfect for this time of year.

Certainly an artist to get into if you like Tom McRae, Glen Hansard and perhaps even I Am Kloot as they have that acoustic and folk feel.

If you think I should be listening to something similar to Damien Rice then please let me know by commenting.

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