Away Days – Day Three

10 08 2011


It has turned out that the Travel Lodge hotel that I booked online is situated perfectly what what we wanted to do whilst we were away.

Today trip was about 30 minutes out to Bolsover Castle. Castles are featuring rather a lot on this trip but when you have English Heritage membership you may as well use it right? Especially when you have a son that wants to be a knight!

Of the sites we have visited over the last few days this is my favourite. A lovely building built in the 1500’s, a large section of the castle is in ruins but make amazing atmospheric photos (will link up my Flickr feed when I get home).

Following on from Bolsover we spent some time in Chesterfield, we needed to buy some shirts for my sisters wedding on Friday for me and Oliver.

Its a larger town than I thought with many modern cafes and shops and don’t forget the wonky spire!

We wrapped the day off with a trip to Derby for a decent restaurant, but again this was only about a 30 minute drive.

More tomorrow from the final ‘away day’ before the wedding.


Away Days – Day One

8 08 2011


Got a few days away with my family before my sisters wedding. Getting away is difficult sometimes when running your own business but the days you can get are precious.

We started our break back in my home town of Kenilworth, I spent all of my school days here, met my first girlfriend, had my first kiss etc… it is also the place where my parents still live.

My wife and I like to give our son some ownership of his holiday so it was his choice to go to Kenilworth Castle.

It’s an amazing place even though the majority of the castle was knocked down during the civil war. It was a royalist stronghold so we targeted by the round heads.

We are members of English Heritage so get in to all their sites for free. During summer holidays they also put on some great activities for free, for kids. Today our son really enjoyed a free Fencing lesson.

Anyway, will give you another update tomorrow.

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