The Physical Product

15 12 2009

I always said that I would never get an iPod. Never say never as the saying goes as I received my Dad’s old iPod last year when he upgraded. Yes I said my Dad, he had one way before me and I always said I would never own one for good reason.

A lot of thought goes into the versions of albums that I purchase, when there is a special edition version, or even one with different packaging I will always buy it over the regular, bog-standard version.

For me it is not just about the music that is on that CD or piece of vinyl but the purchase is a process and I like to collect and have the physical goods in my hand. Using MP3 or iPod takes this comfort away, using the iPod I can’t delve into the sleeve notes or pick up who produced the album, who appeared as the random harpsichord player or who remixed a particular track. Well I can but having the physical album in my hand is far quicker than even Google or Wikipedia.

Do you not think that the work taken to produce an album cover should be rewarded with people buying the actual item and not just it’s inferior digital counterpart? I do!

Anyway back to the iPod thing, yes I now own one but no it hasn’t taken over my life, the only time I actually use it is when I am travelling on a train or plane and I have never purchased a downloaded track (I may have had a few free one’s off iTunes but never physically bought one). The iPod for me is a tool to give me my music collection on the move. It is not a storage device for that collection, for that I have… wait for it… shelves, I know, how 1990’s of me.

For me discovering music is as much about the product as it is the sound, what about you?


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