Back in the Office

17 08 2010

My holiday was sadly over last night when we finally got back home from Italy and collecting our son from the mother-in-laws.

This means that I am back in the office doing my day job, but still with a bit of time to write a blog post.

As I do when I am working I take a pile of CD’s off the shelf and work my way through them. Today’s opener was an old album from 2003, Bettie Serveert – LOG 22. I kind of stumbled across them back in 2003 when going through a copy of Q Magazine. I have been one for other people’s ratings of an album and this one I remember being quite low. I liked the sound of it though and had it purchased for me for my birthday (along with about 10 other albums).

To be honest I always loved the album but never really gave it a true listening to, today that changed.

Bettie Serveert are Dutch and the name means Bettie to Serve, this was taken from Bettie Stove who lost the Wimbledon Tennis final in 1977.

The band started as a side project and has gone on to produce 9 studio albums. The first in 1992 and the latest this year in March.

Tinged with sounds of Jazz, Rock and Blues the band are hard to pin down, stand out track for me on Log 22 is Have a Heart which has a very summery feel to it.

I like this new exploration of my back catalogue, shows me what I have missed and also what I need to add more of into the collection. Bettie Serveert are a band that definitely need further exploration.

Finances have been the problem recently, gone are the days when I could afford to go out and buy ten albums in a weekend, I am now limited to around 10 per year!

Please comment below with anyone else I should check out.


The Power Out

2 07 2010

I came up with a cunning plan yesterday to try and get me to listen to more music. I finally put one of my stereo’s on my office desk so that whilst I am editing or writing I can listen to some tunes.

This will mean re-igniting the passion hopefully and re-discovering some artists that have been tucked away on the numerous shelves.

The first such artist is Electrelane and I listened to their second album called The Power Out (2004) this morning. In hindsight I wonder why I hadn’t really given it much time. Tinged with blues, jazz and a certain hint of Stereolab the album is great.

Now going to go off and listen to the debut album again called – Rock it to the Moon, 2001.

Going to have to check on more releases now.

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