Socialisme Ou Barbarie?

13 04 2010

Socialism or Barbarism as it translates in english is the debut album released in 2003 by Monade.

Monade are a French post-rock band that features Leatitia Sadier, one half of Stereolab. It has been a while since I have listened to this album and you can certainly hear the Stereolab resemblance. The album is very down beat with Sadier’s well known hushed vocals.

Sung almost exclusively in French the album is a real delight.

From what I read Sadier has said that a September 2009 concert would be her last under the Monade name and she was moving onto to specialist solo projects.

I only have the first album but there are three in total with the last released in 2008.

You can find them here:


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