World Book Day 2013: Promoting Literature?

7 03 2013

Today is World Book Day but then I’m guessing you already knew that.

My son’s school all had to dress up as Where’s Wally, in itself no real harm and the kids loved it, but that got me thinking, although the series are quite obviously books why are schools not promoting books with actual text in them instead of just pictures? Kind of annoyed me actually!

Shouldn’t World Book Day be used as a tool to promote reading and literature to the next generation?

Anyway rant over let me know your thoughts in the comments, would also love to know what you guys are reading on this day of celebrating books, for the record I’m getting through part 3 of 2666, you?


What’s a Booker Worth?

13 11 2012

Since really getting back into my reading in 2012 I watched with interest this years Man Booker Prize announcement live on the BBC, for once I am yet to read a novel off the shortlist but they will be duly read atsome point. The Man Booker Effect is an article released today by the prize organisers that looks into the effect on sales of shortlisted and winning novels.

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