My Resistance

28 06 2010

Recently got the latest Muse album, The Resistance. Such a recognizable sound and no doubt in my mind they are actually prog.

This one though seems to wear its influences on its sleeve. Tinged with Queen, Yes and even hints of Genesis. To be honest as a self proclaimed prog-head (think that might be a new term) it took me a while to get into this album. Since I have it has not been off the car stereo.

More importantly for me as an influence on the future generation my 6 year old son keeps requesting the album at all hours of the day, except of course when he is sleeping!

As a father it kind of hints I may be doing things right – I hope.

Standout track for me is the title track – Resistance. Well worth a listen I would put the album at 7 out of 10.


Make it Poignant

14 12 2009

I had been contempleting writing this blog for some time, I work hard and wanted something which gave me some warmth and relaxation and a chance to discuss one of my true passions.

I listen to most music but the bands that really set me going are the likes of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Muse and Editors and some old bands that you would think don’t fit. Marillion are a band I have followed from before my teenage years, a band I discovered like many through my Dad.

Every day I can find myself listening to something completely different, I love to delve back through my collection and unearth an old gem, something that has not been listened to for ages.

Just this weekend I rediscovered the first Fiona Apple album, pure brilliance.

I will be making a daily record on this blog of what I am listening to, buying, downloading or going to watch. You can get involved as well by commenting on the blog posts.

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