2013 Reading Challenge – Hitting Double Figures!

16 03 2013

I had to update my Goodreads.com reading challenge entry today as I have already hit double figures for the year! I suppose I didn’t have to update it but I thought adding another 6 books to the target was achievable so am now on a target of 30 books for 2013. Should easily reach it!

I am still reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano, it’s not that I am not enjoying it, far from it, I just think it is because it is a large book and actually a physical book that I am lacking motivation to read it. When compared to my Kindle Fire that is! e-Readers are the way forward folks, storage is less, can take it anywhere and a whole library of books at your finger tips. I also like the way it tells you what percentage of the book you are currently at, think this encourages you to get finished quicker than perhaps you would with a paper book.

What I have read since my last update:

What have you guys been reading lately?



2013 Reading Challenge – An Update

11 02 2013

I didn’t think to have a look at my previous posts before writing this one but I had set myself the challenge of reading 24 books this year after just failing the same number last year. I use Goodreads to track my progress as they have a yearly reading challenge where you can enter the amount of books you want to achieve.

So far I am going well and am ahead of schedule, part of this is down to the fact that TV and Movie viewing have been cut to a minimum and I am simply finding more time to read a book.

Already I have read the following titles in 2013 (some shorter than others!):

Over the last year I do seem to have picked up a number of short story collections, which is a bit of a break from my norm, both The Safety of Objects and Welcome to the Monkey House fit into this category of work and both are fascinating reads. Vonnegut for the sheer versatility of his creativity and Homes for her almost nihilistic view of life.

I am not going to even try to add anything to the debate on the Great Gatsby as so many others have already trodden that path, all I will say was that it was my first read of this ‘classic’.

100 hundred year old man that climbed out of a windowOne book I would recommend to anyone however is The Hundred Year Old Man… this hilarious novel is essentially a crime caper but is written brilliantly in prose that at times is simply laugh out loud funny, crazy, joyous and downright silly. Just when you think you have seen it all in the context of the novel up pops an elephant!

The List Goes on…

Listed above is what I have read to date in 2013, one of the other things I wanted to achieve this year was to push my reading across genres and subjects and I think with the 5 books so far I have managed to do that. I am in the process of reading a further four books at the moment and the plan is to finish at least two of them in February.

The likelihood is that the books to add to that list this month will be The Auschwitz Violin (really a novella), I only started this last night and expect to finish it after work today. The other one is the only current book that is a physical paper copy, that of 2666 by Roberto Bolano whioch I am taking my time over so that I can fully digest this epic!

What have you read so far in 2013 and what are you looking forward to reading let me know in the comments?

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