World Book Day 2013: Promoting Literature?

7 03 2013

Today is World Book Day but then I’m guessing you already knew that.

My son’s school all had to dress up as Where’s Wally, in itself no real harm and the kids loved it, but that got me thinking, although the series are quite obviously books why are schools not promoting books with actual text in them instead of just pictures? Kind of annoyed me actually!

Shouldn’t World Book Day be used as a tool to promote reading and literature to the next generation?

Anyway rant over let me know your thoughts in the comments, would also love to know what you guys are reading on this day of celebrating books, for the record I’m getting through part 3 of 2666, you?


Things to Look Forward to

17 01 2013

It’s been a tough week work wise but I will not dwell on that point, it really is not what this blog is supposed to be about.

It has simply made me clarify what is important to me and those things that each week, or even day in some cases, I look forward to.

For me it is beyond doubt that I haven’t been spending enough one-on-one time with my son. He is growing into an awesome young man and I know how pissed I would be if I missed some of this development, so he has become a major priority at the moment. He has started enjoying his reading and has shown a preference to read to me rather than my wife so this is most pleasurable time. In addition just him and me are spending the whole of Sunday together, just the two of us. He has football followed by his choice of afternoon trip – with lunch included as he would say!

Not sure if I have alluded to it before on this blog but I am also back playing football myself after eight years away. I am thoroughly enjoying it and now have kind of ended up as third team manager after the original manager stepped down due to work commitments. We will see how that goes but I take over with us in 5th place in Dorset Division 5 (only 17 promotions from the premier league!)

It keeps my fitness levels up and with such a solitary job at times it gets me out and interacting with people more regularly.

Cricket will take over again in the summer but I don’t have such an active role in that, and nor do I want it!

My music listening has taken a backward step recently but I do aim to get that back on track and start reviewing and talking about what I am listening to on a more regular basis. Even if what I am listening to is technically out of date in terms of where the world has gone musically. I always see music, or good music, as more like books. A quality book is timeless and is reread numerous times, a good album will be cherished and will have innumerable listens in its lifetime but less analysis is done over time of a good album compared to books.

Lastly, the thing I look forward to in my chill time everyday is the chance to read, TV has almost become non-existent in my lifestyle but books and literature are certainly in vogue. Currently I am chomping my way through 2666 by Roberto Bolano which I hope to talk about here at some point. My aim is to hit 24 books read this year, got to 21 in2012 so I think it’s achievable.

What do you most look forward to in your life?


10 10 2012

It has been a very tough year for me work wise and I am seriously struggling with motivation at the moment. I work for myself which makes things ever worse as you never know when next you are going to be able to draw a salary.

During this time two things have remained constant, and those are music and books.

At the moment all I seem to want to do is curl up on a sofa and read the next volume that I have accumulated on the shelf, my current number of unread books stands at well over 75 but I am starting to make headway, apart from the fact that when I get chance I buy more!

I do resist the urge during the day and plow on with the work that needs to be done as much as I possibly can. I also like to keep this blog separate from my work life as I see it as something more personal that stands alone from all the perceived self-marketing and arse-licking of the business world.

At least with the music I can listen whilst I work!

It is funny how precious time becomes, from the moment I wake up to the hour that I go to bed I never seem to be able to fit everything in, this in itself creates a cycle of almost permanent tiredness, not necessarily on a physical level but definitely mentally. I think this accounts for some of the motivational issues I am experiencing as well as nothing ever seems to be completed and from this it is almost impossible for me to draw positives.

My comfort is coming from the escape of reading at the moment and currently this escape comes from the pen of Mark Billingham and the first Tom Thorne novel – Sleepyhead – which I am enjoying immensely. Coupled with time with my family and me going back to playing football after an eight year absence I do have some things I can look forward to on a daily or weekly basis.

Lets just hope I never have to write one of these rant posts again, (even though I have been quite reserved with my words) and that work picks up or I find a new career!

If anyone has any ideas for top motivational techniques please pass them my way!

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