Back after a More than Brief Break

13 04 2010

Work has taken over my life but I am trying to get it back a bit.

My brother entered me into a 10k race just before Christmas that took place on the 11th April, I actually did very little training and at nearly 31 thought I was going to struggle like hell. Fortunately I didn’t and really surprised myself with the time I managed.

61 minutes and 53 seconds – I know awesome isn’t it!

Not having done much in the way of physical work for the past 5 years I didn’t think much of the idea when he first told me but it gave a bit of focus for a while. It was something I would do again and in the end quite enjoyable, especially as I managed to beat by brother across the finishing line – added a bit more sweetness to the finish.

Musically I can’t say I am listening to much at the moment but may have to dig something out soon, I find it hard to get the time at the moment and am going to be spending the best part of 9 days away from the family soon as well.


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