8 09 2011

Got a great meeting coming up on Monday with a friend of mine who is excellent at Business Development and building revenue streams.

It will be great to have another pair of eyes analyse my business and see if we can get back in track.

Goal setting and time management are also going to be high on the agenda, fingers crossed something productive comes out of the meeting – I know it will!


Finding the Time

30 06 2010

I would say that so far 2010 has been the most stressful and emotional year of my life to date. Running my own business had always been a dream of mine but the things that have happened this year have put strain on me and my family.

There is a lot I must work through and actually see if I can solve the issues I have been faced with – I am sure I can but it is trying to find the motivation and the work ethic. Part of this I think is a loss of passion.

Anyway I am rambling on, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to explore new music and even listen to the music I already have in my possession. My head doesn’t seem to focus to easily and I find it hard to concentrate and stay on task.

Time is a massive issue right now and music just doesn’t seem to fit in, I hope I can re-ignite some passion so that it can get me through the tough times.

What would anyone recommend?

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