The XX: Tiny Desk Concert

13 02 2013

One of my earlier posts in January 2013 alluded to this band after I picked up their first album at Christmas. They have recently completed a short set as a Tiny Desk Concert over at NPR and furthered my belief that this is one awesome band creating a unique fragile and personal sound. Watch the two track set below:


Glen Hansard: Tiny Desk Concert

11 09 2012

I think I have alluded to the fact that I love the raw energy of live performances before, the Tiny Desk Concert recordings though are on a whole other more intimate and passionate level where you feel you are really there. This performance by Glen Hansard of Once fame is one such performance that ranks alongside his performance with Marketa Irglova as one of my favourites.

He has in my opinion got an amazing energy and raw intensity to his voice that doesn’t seem to come across as clearly in recorded works which is why I find myself listening to this recording more often. You get the feeling he really believes the words he is singing.

He now has a new solo album out and these tracks are from the album called ‘Rhythm and Repose’.

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