Lots of Free Tunes

14 10 2011

I think one of the things I am going to use this blog for more and more is links and articles on free music. By this I don’t mean illegal downloading, I mean genuinely free tracks that are available out on the web.

There are thousands of tracks that you can get access to legitimately and some of these sources are high profile music blogs. This week I have already downloaded four albums worth of music from two of the blogs that I follow.

The first one offers up some very good music on a regular basis and seems to have a link with many up-and-coming artists that are prepared to give away tracks or produce cover versions in order to promote themselves – makes sense right? Especially in this digital age.

The website/blog I am mumbling on about is Stereogum a music blog with some fantastic writing  that always seems to be on the pulse of what is new.

I never hide the fact that I am a massive fan of Radiohead and I was delighted to have found hosted on Stereogum a tribute album to Radiohead’s 1997 masterpiece OK Computer. OKX as it is known (celebrating 10 years of the album) is a release featuring 14 artists providing cover versions of these great songs. There are of course 12 original tracks on the album and these are joined by a second version of No Surprises by Northern State and the B-Sides Polyethylene Parts 1 and 2 by Chris Walla.

Some of the tracks are replications of the originals but two of my favourites are probably Exit Music (For a Film) covered by Vampire Weekend and the Twilight Sad’s version of Climbing Up The Walls.

You can find the full track list as well as download the entire album including artwork right here.

I also made two more ‘full length’ downloads from Stereogum, both tribute albums as well. Rather than go in depth in this post I will just let you know they are cover versions of Bjork’s ‘Post’ album and REM’s classic ‘Automatic for the People’. Having not had chance to fully give them a listen yet I will post and link to these in another blog post.

If you are prepared to explore there is so much excellent, free music available. It may not be by chart toppers (although in some cases can be) but I have always like exploring music and trying to unearth something that really appeals to me.

Another great source and where I got the final download from is Obscure Sound. They put together a monthly ‘best of…’ mix that you can download and listen to at your will.

If you are reading this then firstly thank you, and please don’t be put off if I have fed you information that you already know. I am looking to share plenty more free stuff for your aural pleasure over the coming months.

I will have a good listen to the downloads i have made this week and post up a couple of quick reviews.


Some time away

25 01 2011

I had planned on using this blog more regularly when I started it last year, but family and work take precedence.

I have still been listening to a heck of a lot of music, probably more than ever, have it on in the office now whilst working (the joys of owning your own company I suppose – plus I work from home!) and it seems to aid concentration.

Christmas was massive in terms of purchases and although I am not getting the latest releases like I used to it is these times that allow me to catch up on what I have missed.

There are two bands that have been on permanent loop since December, Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC) and Two Door Cinema Club (incidentally they are giving away a free track and video for signing up to their mailing list).

Both bands are very similar sounding also with hints of Foals and Vampire Weekend. There is definitely some sort of ‘world music’ influence going on with these bands and I mean that in a real loose way, in another way it is powerful pop/rock.

The BBC debut was awesome, I bought it late, but went out straight away and bought the follow-up, disappointing is not the right word as it is also a very good album in it’s own right but it does not have the same raw energy and power as the first record. Gone are the power pop songs to be replaced with gentler acoustic arrangements.

Two Door have only released the one record so far and every single track is amazing, more ‘dance floor’ than BBC but still with a similar sound. Much more of a pop sound than I usually get into but the vibe is great, certainly a record that cannot be put down and seriously needs to be listened to. I sincerely look forward to a follow-up in the future.

Download These: Undercover Martyn (Two Door Cinema Club), Come Back Home (Two Door Cinema Club), Dust on the Ground (Bombay Bicycle Club), What If (Bombay Bicycle Club).

Buy This: Tourist History (Two Door Cinema Club)

Try This: Antidotes (Foals)

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