Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater Live [VIDEO]

23 03 2014

Came across this video on YouTube this morning of Jonathan Meiburg of the band Shearwater performing a live radio performance on KEXP in Seattle. It’s a precursor to the bands album of cover songs called Fellow Travelers and the performance is just breathtaking, totally chilled Sunday morning listening.

I love this intimate style performance and actually wish bands and artists would release some of this material in EP or even full length format I would simply just grab it with both hands. I think the appeal comes from the rawness of the sound, you get to really hear the musicianship and the quality of a vocal, a lot of music today is far too overproduced in my opinion.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


The XX: Tiny Desk Concert

13 02 2013

One of my earlier posts in January 2013 alluded to this band after I picked up their first album at Christmas. They have recently completed a short set as a Tiny Desk Concert over at NPR and furthered my belief that this is one awesome band creating a unique fragile and personal sound. Watch the two track set below:

Lisa Hannigan Performing at NPR

15 11 2011

Great video I found this evening of Lisa Hannigan performing a ‘Tiny Desk Concert‘ at the NPR offices.

Set List:


‘Little Bird’


Watch it below:

Also available as an MP3 download from NPR.


5 10 2010

I’ve been using doubleTwist and I think you might like it. Check it out from your Android phone:

I am Addicted to Tea

16 09 2010

I am Addicted to Tea! Which is quite handy when I was introduced to Tea Drinking Collective by a cameraman I used for a job in Rhyl recently called Tom Sharman.

Tom is one part of the Tea Drinking Collective which is a music blog (or vlog as they use a lot of video) that specialises in intimate, quirky, acoustic performances by up and coming bands.

The first two posts (videos) are now available and I for one can’t wait for more.

The first two bands to be given the ‘Collective’ treatment are Spring Offensive and Cajole Cajole, if these two performances are anything to go by then I think the blog will have many followers very soon.

Make sure you check it out and feel free to comment below. Will keep you posted and I may even embed some of the videos here later on.

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